Troubleshooting Your Hardware

Troubleshooting Your Hardware
The PromisSE training platform is compatible with PC and MAC desktop and laptop computers and accessible via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. If you are experiencing issues with the training platform and you are authorized to troubleshoot your hardware and software, try the solutions below:

Trouble with Audio
If you are unable to hear a video or audio clip in the training, check your audio in the following ways:
● Confirm the video or audio is not muted or low. Click on the speaker icon to check the volume level.
● Confirm the speakers on your computer are not muted or low. Find the audio icon in your desktop screen or startup to check the volume level.
● Try connecting to a different sound source. If you are using speakers, try inserting headphones or vice versa.

Trouble with Video
If you experience video freezing or slow buffering, check your internet browser in the  following ways:
● Your internet browser may be out of date — check if there are any updates that need to be installed in your browser settings or computer settings. You can also try accessing the platform from another type of internet browser.
● There may be too many tabs or applications running on your computer — if you have multiple pages open or multiple programs, this may slow the loading/buffering speed of the training platform. Try closing as many tabs and applications as possible to help video playback.
● Refresh your browser’s cache and history. It may be time to remove old files/settings being stored in your internet browser. Navigate to your browser’s options to clear your internet history, downloads, and cached files.

Trouble with Loading Pages/Content
If you experience an error page or cannot progress to the next stage of the training, check your internet connection in the following ways:
● It is possible that the internet connection timed out during the loading process. Try refreshing the page to load the page/content again.
● Your internet may have disconnected. Find the network connection icon on your desktop screen or startup and confirm that your computer is using a secure internet connection.
● Your router needs to be restarted. Find the router for your internet connection, restart the router by turning it off then on or by unplugging and replugging it.

If after troubleshooting you still experience issues with the training platform or you do not see your issue listed above, contact your COC HMIS Lead for assistance: [Link to COC Leads list]  Created: 10/28/2020